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The "Trent" Affair 150

Righting an Old Wrong — Introducing an Ultimatum, In- cluding the Story of a Hold-Up at Sea — Two Ambassadors Captured and Imprisoned in Fort Warren, Boston — A Les- son in International Law Proves an Example of Interna- tional Joke — A National Celebration — A National Indigna- tion — A National Retraction — Abraham Lincoln's Way — Anecdotes vs. the Rattling Sabre — A Conference of State — Salmon P. Chase States a Principle.


Coaching China 167

The Everlasting Problem of "The Inferior Race." Conflict of "Manifest Destiny" and "The Square Deal" — A Crisis in the Orient — The "Powers" Rig an Action Against the Celes- tial Kingdom, Backing the Advance of the Caucasian Drum- mer — Anson Burlingame, Back Bay Politician, Takes the Case of China — The Fate of a Continent in His Hands — An Ambassador to All the World — His Treaty with Seward — A Convention with Lord Clarendon — ^The Triumphant Dip- lomatic Conquest of Two Emperors and the Iron Chancellor.


"A Duty to Humanity." The End of an Empire 196

The Diplomacy of the War with Spain — The Crime of Na- tional Pride and Procrastination — The Verdict of History — The Plight of Cuba — Revolution Engineered in New York — Mutual Cruelties — American "Pirates" — Cleveland's Firm Hand — Woodford vs. Sagasta, a Triumph of Fair Play- Concessions Made by Spain — "Home Rule" — Removal of Weyler — "Autonomy"— Revocation of Reconcentration — Isa- bel's Despair — The Intervention of the Pope — Final Conces- sions and Armistice — "Remember the Maine" — An Inter- cepted Insult — The Recalled Minister and the Fateful Mes- sage to Congress — ^A Tribute to Spanish Courtesy.