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The Coup d'État. The Inside Story of Panama 227

The Man Behind the Revolution— Room 1162, Waldorf-As- toria, The Liberty Hall of Panama — Bunau-Varilla Goes Scouting in Washington — The Three Horns of the Panama Dilemma — Reading the Future Actions of the Government — Playing with Destiny — A Kingdom for a Warship — Victory on the Isthmus — "Time is of the Essence" — Intrigue and Procrastination Squelched by Theodore Roosevelt — The Dra- matic Finish in John Hay's Residence.


Some Lessons in Civility . . . . . . 260

Premonitions — The King of Prussia's Precious Doctrines in 1823 — The Oppressed Revolutionists of Germany — Debut of the Prussian Bully in Samoa — The Emperor's Fatal Birth- day — The Advent of the Famous Formula: "Impossible Ul- timatum, Instant Defensive Invasion, and Annexation'^ — Leary of the Adams Takes a Hand— Schrechlichkeit Foiled by Hurricane — "The Organization of Failure in the Midst of Hate"— Why the Kaiser Did Not Take Uncle Sam "By the Scruff of the Neck"— "If You Want a Fight, You Can Have It Now"— Roosevelt Calls the Teuton Bluff— A Case of Arbi- tration—Designs on the Caribbean— An Opinion by John Hay.