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finally reached it. The Queen yielded com- pletely, with great emotion. The paper she was prepared to sign was a passionate renun- ciation. The Minister's dispatch to President McKinley read :

^'^Should the Queen proclaim the following before 12 o'clock noon on Wednesday, April 6th, will you sustain the Queen, and can you prevent hostile action by Congress?

'At the request of the Holy Father, in this passion week, and in the name of Christ, I pro- claim immediate and unconditional suspen- sion of hostilities in the Island of Cuba,

This suspension to become immediately effective so soon as accepted by the insurgents in that island, and to continue for the space of six months, to the 5th of October, 1898,

" 'I do this to give time for passion to cease, and in the sincere hope and belief that during this suspension permanent and honourable peace may be obtained between the insular government of Cuba and those of my subjects