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in that island who are now in rebellion against the authority of Spain,

" 'I pray the blessing of Heaven upon this truce of God, which I now declare in His name and with the sanction of the Holy Father of all Christendom' "

Woodford continued his plea in these words :

"Please read this in the light of my previous telegrams and letters. I believe this means peace, which the sober judgment of our people will approve long before next November, and which must be approved at the bar of final history. * * * I will show your reply to the Queen in person, and I believe that you will approve this last conscientious offer for peace."

And on the 9th of August, even in the face of a discouraging reply, the Spaniards ordered General Blanco to proclaim the armistice.

Going over this record it has come home to me with great force that the American people have never given Spain the credit for this su- preme effort ; and that the charity, forbearance