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J. S. R. James Smith Reid, M.A., LL.M., Litt.D., LL.D.
Professor of Ancient History in the University of Cambridge and Fellow and Tutor of Gonville and Caius College. Hon. Fellow, formerly Fellow and Lecturer, of Christ’s College. Editor of Cicero’s Academica; De Amicitia; &c.
Silius Italicus; Statius.
J. T. Be. John Thomas Bealby.
Joint-author of Stanford’s Europe. Formerly Editor of the Scottish Geographical Magazine. Translator of Sven Hedin’s Through Asia, Central Asia and Tibet; &c.
Siberia (in part); Simbirsk (in part); Smolensk (in part); Stavropol (in part).
J. V. B. James Vernon Bartlet, M.A., D.D.
Professor of Church History, Mansfield College, Oxford. Author of The Apostolic Age; &c.
Stephen, St.
J. W. James Williams, M.A., D.C.L., LL.D.
All Souls’ Reader in Roman Law in the University of Oxford, and Fellow of Lincoln College. Barrister-at-Law of Lincoln’s Inn. Author of Law of the Universities; &c.
J. W. G. John Walter Gregory, D.Sc., F.R.S.
Professor of Geology in the University of Glasgow. Professor of Geology and Mineralogy in the University of Melbourne, 1900-1904. Author of The Dead Heart of Australia; &c.
South Australia: Geology.
J. W. He. James Wycliffe Headlam, M.A.
Staff Inspector of Secondary Schools under the Board of Education. Formerly Fellow of King’s College, Cambridge, and Professor of Greek and Ancient History at Queen’s College, London. Author of Bismarck and the Foundation of the German Empire; &c.
Stephan, Heinrich von.
K. G. J. Kingsley Garland Jayne.
Sometime Scholar of Wadham College, Oxford. Matthew Arnold Prizeman, 1903. Author of Vasco da Gama and his Successors.
Spain: Geography and Statistics.
K. L. Rev. Kirsopp Lake, M.A.
Lincoln College, Oxford. Professor of Early Christian Literature and New Testament Exegesis in the University of Leiden. Author of The Text of the New Testament; The Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ; &c.
Soden: Hermann von.
K. S. Kathleen Schlesinger.
Editor of the Portfolio of Musical Archaeology. Author of The Instruments of the Orchestra.
Sistrum; Sordino; Spinet; Stringed Instruments.
L. C. Rev. Lewis Campbell, D.C.L., LL.D.
See the biographical article: Campbell, Lewis.
L. D.* Louis Duchesne.
See the biographical article: Duchesne, Louis M. O.
Siricius; Sixtus I.-III.
L. J. S. Leonard James Spencer, M.A.
Assistant in Department of Mineralogy, British Museum. Formerly Scholar of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, and Harkness Scholar. Editor of the Mineralogical Magazine.
Sillimanite; Smaltite; Sodalite; Sphene; Stannite; Staurolite; Stephanite; Stibnite; Stilbite; Strontianite.
L. W. Ch. Laurence Wensley Chubb.
Secretary of the Coal Smoke Abatement Society, and of the Commons and Footpaths Preservation Society.
Smoke (in part).
M. Ca. Moritz Cantor, Ph.D.
Honorary Professor of Mathematics in the University of Heidelberg. Hofrat of the German Empire. Author of Vorlesungen über die Geschichte der Mathematik; &c.
Stevinus, Simon.
M. G. Moses Gaster, Ph.D.
Chief Rabbi of the Sephardic Communities of England. Ilchester Lecturer at Oxford on Slavonic and Byzantine Literature, 1886 and 1891. President of the Folkelore Society of England. Vice-President, Anglo-Jewish Association. Author of History of Rumanian Popular Literature; &c.
Sturdza (family).
M. Ja. Morris Jastrow, Ph.D.
Professor of Semitic Languages, University of Pennsylvania. Author of Religions of the Babylonians and Assyrians; &c.
Sin (Moon-god).
M. M. Max Arthur Macauliffe.
Formerly Divisional judge in the Punjab. Author of The Sikh Religion: its Gurus, Sacred Writings and Authors; &c. Editor of Life of Guru Nanak, in the Punjabi language.
Sikh; Sikhism.
M. N. T. Marcus Niebuhr Tod, M.A.
Fellow and Tutor of Oriel College, Oxford. University Lecturer in Epigraphy. Joint-author of Catalogue of the Sparta Museum.
M. O. B. C. Maximilian Otto Bismarck Caspari, M.A.
Reader in Ancient History at London University. Lecturer in Greek at Birmingham University, 1905-1908.
N. M. Norman McLean, M.A.
Lecturer in Aramaic, Cambridge University. Fellow and Hebrew Lecturer, Christ’s College, Cambridge. Joint-editor of the larger Cambridge Septuagint.
Stephen Bar Sudhaile.
O. A. Osmund Airy, M.A., LL.D.
H.M. Divisional Inspector of Schools and Inspector of Training Colleges, Board of Education, London. Author of Louis XIV. and the English Restoration; Charles II.; &c. Editor of the Lauderdale Papers; &c.
Sidney, Algernon; Somers, Lord.
O. M. David Orme Masson, M.A., D.Sc., F.R.S.
Professor of Chemistry, Melbourne University. Author of papers on chemistry in the transactions of various learned societies.
Smoke (in part).