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D.C.M.= Distinguished Conduct Medal (British). Del.= Delaware. dept.= department. D.E.S.= Direction f Stapes et de Services = Directing staff of a line of communica- tions of an army (French). I>eT.= Devonshire. D J.C.= Distinguished Flying Cross (British). D J.M.= Distinguished Flying Medal (British). D.G.= Director-General (e.g. D.G. A.M.S. = Director-Gen- eral Armv Medical Serv- ice). D.G.V.O.= Director-General of Volun- tarv Organizations. DI.= LH*ian d'lnfanterie = In- fantry Division (French). DIC.= Dirision d'lnfanterie Colo- niale = Colonial Infantry- Division (French). Dir.= Division. Dopp.Z.= Doppflc*ndfr = Time and percussion fuze (German I. D.OJUL= Defence of the Realm Act (British). D.O.R-E.= District Officer Royal Engi- neers (British). Dorset. = Dorsetshire. D.Q.M.G.= Deputy Quart ermaster- GeneraL DR-= Dirision de Res*rte=Re- serve Division (French). D-R-F.= Depression Rangefinder. D.S.C. = Distinguished Service Cross (U.S.A. and British). D.S.M.= Distinguished Service Med- al (UJSA. and British). D.S.O. = Distinguished Service Order (British). Dur. = Durham. E.= East. Ed. = Editor. E.E.F. = Egyptian Expeditionary Force. e.g. = exempli gratia = for example (Latin). E.M.F. = Electro-motive force. E .N .E. = Elements non mdirision- nies =Troops not included in divisions ("corps troops" or "army troops ") (French). Ess.= Essex. Esth. = Esthonia. et seq. = et sequfntio=*zad the follow- ing (Latin). FAJf.T5-= First Aid Nursing Yeoman- ry Service (British). FEKA. = FemkampfartiUerie = Super- heavy artillery (G e r - man). fig. = figure or figures (illustra- tion . FU.= Florida. Flugalnctkrkanone = A n t i - aircraft gun (German). Field Marshal: Fusil Ui- traiiieur = French light machine-gun. F. Mi. = Field - Marshal - Lieutenant (Austro-Hungarian). f .o.b. free on board. r.= French Equatorial Africa. Field Service Regulations (British). ft.= foot or feet. ft.* = square feet. ft.' = cubic feet. fur. = f urlong or furlongs. F.WJ>.= Four-wheel Drive. M G W = General Staff branch of the Staff, and its functions (British). G.= Gold. G. = Georgia. G.A. = Croupe d 'A rmfes = Group of Annies (followed by E=rf. N = Aorrf. etc.) (French). gal. = gallon or gallons. Gl.= Galicia. G-AJl- = Grand Army of the Re- public (UlS.A.). Gii.= Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire. G.dJL = General der A rtiUerie G.dJ. = General der Infanierie G.tLK. = General der Kavallerie J = " full " general (German and Austro-Hungarian). Gen.= Generai G.H.Q. = General Headquarters (British and U.S.A.). GI,GII,Gin.= Maintenance, Intelligence and Operation branches; General Staff (U.SJV.). G.Kdo. = General- Kommando = Army corps headquarters (Ger- man). Glos. = Gloucestershire. G.M.T. = Greenwich Mean Time. G.O. = Generaloberst = General in Command (German). G.O.C.= General Officer Command- ing (British). GOT. = Governor. G.Q.G. = Grand Quartier-Giniral - General Headquarters (French Field Armies). gr. = gramme or grammes. G.R. = Care rfgulatriee = Regulat- ing station rail trans- port (French). G.S, = General Staff (British and U.S.A.); General Service (British). G.S.G.S. = Geographical Section Gen- eral Staff (British). G.S.O.= Gas-SchHtsOJfiaer = Ant i- gas Officer (German). G.S.O.i,2j= General Staff Officer, ist, 2nd and 3rd grade (Brit- ish). G.V.C.= Gardes des Votes de Com- munication = Line-of-Com- munication defence troops (French). H. = Honred (as prefix in Aus- tro-Hungarian designa- tions); " Heure" =Zero hour, hour set for attack (French). HJL= Heavy Artillery; less fre- quently, horse artillery; high-angle (gun). Hants. = Hampshire. H.E. = High Explosive. Hereford. = Herefordshire. Herts. = Hertfordshire. H.G. = Heeresgr*ppe**Group of armies (German). hhd. = hogshead or hogsheads. H.M.S.= His Majesty's Ship (Brit- ish). H.O.= Headquarters (British and U.S.A.). H.Ou. = Hauptquartier = Headquar- ters (German). H.P. = Horse- power. H.R.= Hors rang =Supernumer- ary (French Army). Hunts. = Huntingdonshire. H.T.= Horse Transport. H.V.= High Velocity (gun). I. = Instantante = I nstantaneous (in French fuze designa- tions); Island. Ia.= Iowa. LA.= im A*ftrage = B order, on behalf of (German). LA.= Indian Army. ib. or ibid. = ibidem = in the same place (Latin). LD. = Infanterte-Difiiion = Infan- try Division (German). i.e.= id est=that is (Latin.) I.H.P.= Indicated Horse-power. Ill.= Illinois. I.L.P.= Independent Labour Partv (British). in. = inch or inches. in. s = square inches. in.' = cubic inches. Ind. Indiana. Inf. = Infantry. Is. = Islands. I.W.W.= Industrial Workers of the World. " J" = "Jour" ="Zero day" fixed for attack (French). J.C.A.= Jewish Colonization Asso- ciation. K. = Königlich = Royal, or Kai- serlich = Imperial (Ger- man). Kan. = Kansas. K.B.E. = Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire. K.D. = Kavallerie-Division = Cavalry Division (German). kgm. = kilogram or kilograms. K K. Kaiseriich-Königlich = Im- perial-Royal (Austrian Landwehr). km. = kilometre or kilometres. K.R. = King's Regulations (British Army). K.T.D.= Kavallerie - Truppendivision = Cavalry Division (Austro-Hungarian). K.u.K. = Kaiserlich und Koniglich = Imperial and Royal (Aus- trian and Hungarian des- ignation of common army). kw.= kilowatt or kilowatts. Ky.= Kentucky. L. = Landicehr (German and Austrian). La.= Louisiana. Latv. = Latvia. Ib. = pound or pounds. Lanes. = Lancashire. L.C.C.= London County Council. Ldst.= Landiturm (Austro-Hun- garian and German). Lith. = Lithuania. L.M.G. = Leifhtes Afaschinengetcehr = Light machine-gun (German). L. of C. = Line of Communications (British). Leics. = Leicestershire. Lines. = Lincolnshire. Lt. = Lieutenant. Lt.-Comm. = Lieutenant- Commander. Lt-Gen. = Lieutenant-General.