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A. A. LIEUTENANT-COLONEL ALFRED WILLIAM ALCOCK, C.I.E., M.B., LL.D., F.R.S. Indian Medical Service (retired). Professor of Medical Zoology in the University I ,., .. , ,, . , of London, at the London School of Tropical Medicine. Author of A Naturalist 1 Memcal "" in Indian Seas; Entomology for Medical Officers', etc. Falkland Islands Battle; " Goeben and Breslau " ; Heligoland Bight; Jutland, Battle of; Minesweeping and Mine- laying; Naval History of the War.

A. C. D. CAPTAIN ALFRED C. DEWAR, R.N. (RET.), B.Lrrr. (Oxon.). Gold Medallist, Royal United Service Institution. Late of the Historical Section, . Naval Staff, Admiralty.

A. D.* COMMANDANT A. DOUMENC. French Army Staff. Officer of the Legion of Honour. D.S.O. Director of the French Army Mechanical Transport Service during the war. Author of Les Transports Automobiles sur le Front franc.ais.

A. E. ARTHUR ELOESSER, PH.D. (Berlin). Author of Die aelteste deutsche Uebersetzung Molierescher Lustspiele; Das biir- gerliche Drama; Litterarische Portraits aus dem modernen Frankreich; etc.

A. E. D. ALBERT EMIL DAVIES, L.C.C. Hon. Lecturer in Business Finance, Leeds University. Fellow of the Royal Economic Society. Author of The State in Business; The Nationalization of Railways; The Case for Nationalization', Land Nationalization; etc.

A. E. M. A. E. MENDELL, B.L.I. Director of the Analytic Report of the Second Chamber of the States General, Holland.

A. E. S.* ADDISON ERWIN SHELDON, A.M., PH.D. Superintendent, Nebraska State Historical Society. Author of History and Stories of Nebraska; Poems and Sketches of Nebraska; Nebraska Constitutional Conventions. Editor of Nebraska Blue Book.

A. F.* ARTHUR FEILER. On the Staff of the Frankfurter Zeitung. Member of the Economic Council of the German Reich. Author of Die Konjunktur-Periode, 1907-13, in Deutsch- land; Handelspolitik und Krieg; etc.

A. Fx. ABRAHAM FLEXNER. Secretary of the General Education Board, New York. Education in the United States. Author of Medical Motor Transport, Military. German Literature. Nationalization. Holland (in part). Nebraska. Germany: Finance. TTJ * TT j Education: United States.

A. F. Hu. ARTHUR FREDERICK HURST, M.A., M.D. (Oxon.), F.R.C.P. Lieutenant-Colonel, late R.A.M.C. Physician and Neurologist to Guy's Hos- , pital.

A. F. Pr. ALFRED FRANCIS PRIBRAM, PH.D. Professor of Modern History in the University of Vienna. Member of the Vienna Academy of Science, etc. ,, .. . . Me lcme n . JHs ~ eases in the World War. Francis Ferdinand; Francis Joseph I.

  1. A complete list, showing all contributors to the New Volumes (arranged according to the alphabetical order of their surnames) toith the articles signed by them, appears at the end of Volume XXXII.