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A. H. E. T. ARTHUR H. E. TAYLOR, B.A. Author of The Future of the Southern Slavs; etc.


A. L. C. COLONEL ARTHUR LATHAM CONGER, U.S. ARMY. Distinguished Service Medal (U.S.A.). C.M.G. Legion of Honour. Formerly < Meuse-Argonne, Battle of. Co-editor of The Military Historian and Economist.

A. M. BARON ALEXANDER MEYENDORFF. f Teacher of Russian Law, Institutions and Economics, King's College (London University). Formerly Member of the Russian Duma and Senator. Formerly Privatdozent at Petrograd University. s Montenegro. /Lemberg (Lvov), Battles

Round: Part 1. 

Esthonia; Latvia. Inland Water Transport.


A. R. A. ARTHUR RICHMOND ATKINSON, B.A. (Oxon.). f Sometime Scholar of Corpus Christi College, Oxford; Barrister-at-Law, Lincoln's Massey, W. F.; Inn; Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of New Zealand; Member of New Zealand, the New Zealand House of Representatives, 1899-1902.

A. R. W. ANDREW R. WARNER, A.M., M.D. Executive Secretary, American Hospital Association. Superintendent Lakeside Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio, 1907-19. Member of the War Service Committee on ( Hospitals: United States. Hospitals during the World War. President American Hospital Association -9. Joint-author of Dispensaries.

A. S.* SIR ARTHUR SCHUSTER, PH.D., Sc.D., D.Sc., F.R.S. C Hon. Professor of Physics in the University of Manchester. Author of Inlroduc- I T . lion to the Theory of Optics; etc. Joint-author (with Sir Arthur Shipley) of ] ernational bcience. Britain 's Heritage of Science. See biographical article:

A. Sc. SCHUSTER, SIR ARTHUR. ( AUSTIN SCOTT, A.B., A.M., PH.D., LL.D. f Professor of History and Political Science, Rutgers College, New Brunswick, <j New Jersey. N.J.

A. T. W. SIR ARNOLD TALBOT WILSON, K.C.I.E., C.S.I., C.M.G., D.S.O. Late Civil Commissioner in Mesopotamia and Political Resident in the Persian ! Mesopotamia (in part). Gulf.


B. E. P. GENERAL-OF-BRIGADE BARTHELEMY EDMOND PALAT. Late French Army. Commanded a Division 1915-6. Author of La Grande Guerre sur le Front Occidental; Les Batailles d'Arlois et de Champagne; and, under the pseudonym "Pierre Lebautcourt," of La Defense Nationale, 1870-1 and other works, including a general bibliography of 1870-1.

B. K. L. BASIL KELLETT LONG. / Editor of the Cape Times. Formerly Foreign Editor of The Times. Flying Corps (in part). Frontiers, Battles of the (in part).

B. Z. BELA ZOLNAY, PH.D. University of Budapest.

C. A. B. SIR CHARLES BALLANCE, K.C.M.G., C.B., M.V.O., M.S: Consulting Surgeon to St. Thomas's Hospital and to the British Army in the World War. Vice-President of the Royal College of Science.

C.Br. CARL BROCKHAUSEN, DR. JURIS. Professor of the Science of Administration in the University of Vienna.

C. Ch. CHARLES CHREE, Sc.D., LL.D., F.R.S. Assistant Director, Meteorological Office, Kew. Past Society of London. Hughes Medallist, Royal Society.

C. D. C. LIEUTENANT-COLONEL C. D. CROZIER, R.G.A. / Late Director of Inspection of High Explosives, Ministry of Munitions. Jameson, Sir L. S. Hungary: Literature. Heart and Lung Surgery. Lueger, Karl. President, Physical { Magnetism, Terrestrial. Explosives (in part).

C. E. C. MAJOR-GENERAL SIR CHARLES EDWARD CALLWELL, K.C.B. Director of Military Operations, War Office, 1914-6. Author of Small Wars; { Kitchener, Lord. Military Operations and Maritime Preponderance; The Dardanelles; etc.

C. E. W. B. MAJOR CLAUDE EAGLES WILLOUGHBY BEDDOES, O.B.E. Gloucestershire Regiment. Inspector of Grenade Training, G.H.Q., Great .-, ,. Britain, 1915-8. Experimental Officer for Grenades and Trench Stores, Ministry of Munitions, 1915-9. Control Officer, Inter-Allied Commission of Control, 1919.

C.F.A. MAJOR CHARLES FRANCIS ATKINSON, T.D. Late East Surrey Regiment. Distinguished Service Medal (U.S.A.). Order of Saint Anne (Russia). Formerly Scholar of Queen's College, Oxford. Staff Officer for Trench Warfare Research. 1915-7. British Instructor in Intelligence, American Expeditionary Force, 1918. Editorial Staff of the nth edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica. Author of Grant's Campaigns; The Wilderness and Cold Harbor; etc. Flamethrowers; Flying Corps (in part); Foch, Marshal; Grenades (in part); Intel- ligence, Military (in part); Liege; Masuria, Battles in; Maubeuge, Siege of; Namur; Narew, Battles of the (1915); Naroch Lake.