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Chap. XXI.—The Egyptian mentioned in the Acts of the Apostles, 73
Chap. XXII.—Paul being sent prisoner from Judea to Rome, after his defence, was absolved from all crime, 74
Chap. XXIII.—The martyrdom of James, who was called the brother of the Lord, 75
Chap. XXIV.—Annianus was appointed the first bishop of Alexandria, after Mark, 79
Chap. XXV.—The persecution under Nero, in which Paul and Peter were honoured with martyrdom in the cause of religion at Rome, ib.
Chap. XXVI.—The Jews were afflicted with innumerable evils, and finally commenced a war with the Romans, 81

BOOK III—Pages 82—127.

Chapter I.—The parts of the world where Christ was preached by the apostles, 82
Chap. II.—The first that presided over the church at Rome, ib.
Chap. III.—Of the Epistles of the apostles, 83
Chap. IV.—The first succession of the apostles, 84
Chap. V.—The last siege of the Jews after Christ, 85
Chap. VI.—The famine which oppressed the Jews, 87
Chap. VII.—The predictions of Christ, 92
Chap. VIII.—The signs that preceded the war, 94
Chap. IX.—Of Josephus and the works he has left, 96
Chap. X.—The manner in which Josephus mentions the Holy Scriptures, 97
Chap. XI.—Simeon ruled the church of Jerusalem after James, 99
Chap. XII.—Vespasian commands the descendants of David to be sought, ib.
Chap. XIII.—Anencletus, the second bishop of Rome, 100
Chap. XIV.—Avilius, the second bishop of Alexandria, ib.
Chap. XV.—Clement, the third bishop of Rome, ib.
Chap. XVI.—The Epistle of Clement, 101
Chap. XVII.—The persecution of the Christians under Domitian, 101
Chap. XVIII.—Of John the apostle, and the Revelation, ib.
Chap. XIX.—Domitian commands the posterity of David to be slain, 102
Chap. XX.—Of the relatives of our Lord, ib.
Chap. XXI.—Cerdon, the third bishop of Alexandria, 104
Chap. XXII.—Ignatius, the second bishop of Antioch, ib.
Chap. XXIII.—Narrative respecting the apostle John, ib.
Chap. XXIV.—The order of the Gospels, 107
Chap. XXV.—The sacred Scriptures acknowledged as genuine, and those that are not, 110
Chap. XXVI.—Menander the impostor, 111
Chap. XXVII.—The heresy of the Ebionites, 112
Chap. XXVIII.—Cerinthus the Heresiarch, 113
Chap. XXIX.—Nicolaus and his followers, 114
Chap. XXX.—The apostles that lived in marriage, 115
Chap. XXXI.—The death of John and Philip, 116
Chap, XXXII.—The martyrdom of Simeon, bishop of Jerusalem, 117
Chap. XXXIII.—Trajan forbids the Christians to be sought after, 119
Chap. XXXIV.—Euarestus, the fourth bishop of the church at Rome, 120
Chap. XXXV.—Justus, the third bishop of Jerusalem, ib.
Chap. XXXVI.—The epistles of Ignatius, ib.
Chap. XXXVII.—The preaching evangelists that were yet living in that age, 123
Chap. XXXVIII.—The epistle of Clement, and those that are falsely ascribed to him, 124
Chap. XXXIX.—The writings of Papias, ib.

BOOK IV.—Pages 128—167.

Chapter I.—The bishops of Rome and Alexandria, in the reign of Trajan, 128
Chap. II—The calamities of the Jews about this time, ib.