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Chap. III.—The authors that wrote in the defence of the faith, in the reign of Adrian, 129
Chap. IV.—The bishops of Alexandria and Rome, under the same emperor, 130
Chap. V.—The bishops of Jerusalem, from the period of our Saviour until these times, ib.
Chap. VI.—The last siege of the Jews under Adrian, 131
Chap. VII.—Those who were considered leaders in false doctrine at this time, 132
Chap. VIII.—The ecclesiastical writers then flourishing, 135
Chap. IX.—The epistle of Hadrian, forbidding the Christians to be punished without trial, 136
Chap. X.—The bishops of Rome and Alexandria, in the reign of Antonine, 137
Chap. XI.—The heresiarchs of these times, ib.
Chap. XII.—The apology of Justin, addressed to Antoninus, 139
Chap. XIII.—The epistle of Antonine, to the assembly of Asia, respecting our doctrine, 140
Chap. XIV.—Circumstances related of Polycarp, an apostolic man, 141
Chap. XV.—The martyrdom of Polycarp, with others at Smyrna, 143
Chap. XVI.—How Justin the philosopher suffered martyrdom, asserting the doctrines of Christ, 150
Chap. XVII.—The martyrs mentioned by Justin in his books, 152
Chap. XVIII.—The books of Justin that have come down to us, 154
Chap. XIX.—Those that presided over the churches of Rome and Alexandria, in the reign of Verus, 156
Chap. XX.—The bishops of Antioch, ib.
Chap. XXI.—The ecclesiastical writers that flourished in these times, ib.
Chap. XXII.—Of Hegesippus, and those whom he mentions, 157
Chap. XXIII.—Of Dionysius, bishop of Corinth, and his epistles, 158
Chap. XXIV.—Of Theophilus, bishop of Antioch, 161
Chap. XXV.—Of Philip and Modestus, ib.
Chap. XXVI.—Of Melito, and the circumstances he records, 162
Chap. XXVII.—Of Apollinaris bishop of Hierapolis, 165
Chap. XXVIII.—Of Musanus and his works, ib.
Chap. XXIX.—The heresy of Tatianus, ib.
Chap. XXX.—Of Bardesanes, the Syrian, and the works of his extant, 167

BOOK V.—Pages 168—216.

Chapter I.—The number and sufferings of those that suffered for the faith in Gaul, 169
Chap. II.—Those that had fallen away, kindly restored by the pious martyrs, 180
Chap. III.—The vision that appeared to Attalus the martyr, in a dream, 182
Chap. IV.—The martrys commend Irenæus in their epistles, 183
Chap. V.—God sent rain from heaven to Marcus Amelius, the emperor, at the prayers of our brethren, 184
Chap. VI.—Catalogue of the bishops of Rome, 185
Chap. VII.—Miracles were performed in those times by the believers, 186
Chap. VIII.—The statement of Irenæus reespecting the sacred Scriptures, 187
Chap. IX.—The bishops under Commodus, 190
Chap. X.—Of Pantænus the philosopher, ib.
Chap. XI.—Clement of Alexandria, 191
Chap. XII.—The bishops of Jerusalem, 193
Chap. XIII.—Of Rhodo, and the dissension occasioned by Marcion, which he records, ib.
Chap. XIV.—The false prophets of the Phrygians, 194
Chap. XV.—Of the schism of Blastus, at Rome, ib.
Chap. XVI.—The affairs of Montanus, and his false prophets, 195
Chap. XVII.—Of Miltiades and his works, 199
Chap. XVIII.—Apollonius also refutes the Phrygian heresy, and those whom he has mentioned, 200
Chap. XIX.—The opinion of Serapion respecting the heresy of the Phrygians, 203