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More about English Wikipedia

Each language version of Wikipedia is different (although there is a lot in common across languages as well). These are some of the things specific to English Wikipedia that you may find useful.

Creating your first article

Starting a new article on English Wikipedia—and making sure it doesn't get deleted—can be tricky. For a detailed guide on creating your first article, see | shortcut WP:FIRST .

Wikipedia Signpost

The Signpost | shortcut WP:SIGNPOST is a weekly community newspaper, covering Wikipedia-related news and research, important discussions, new Featured content, and more. You can even subscribe to have it delivered to your Talk page each week.

Uploading non-free images

In general, only freely licensed or public domain images can be used to illustrate Wikipedia articles, and these should be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons ( However, limited exceptions are allowed on English Wikipedia under the non-free content rules | shortcut WP:NONFREE for things like album covers. Non-free images uploaded to Wikipedia without a clear justification under the rules will be deleted.


WikiProjects Directory

WikiProjects are groups of contributors who have a common interest when it comes to editing Wikipedia. Browsing the existing WikiProjects | shortcut WP:WIKIPROJECT and joining ones that interest you can be a good way to find things you want to work on and connect with other Wikipedians.

Wikipedia 1.0 assessments

WikiProjects on English Wikipedia have a system for rating the quality and importance of articles, known as the Wikipedia 1.0 assessments | shortcut WP:ASSESS . For quality, these ratings go from Stub (just the beginnings of an article) to Start to C-class to B-class, and then the formally reviewed ratings of Good article, A-class, and Featured article.

You can see the ratings for an article at the top of its Talk page, and most WikiProjects maintain a table showing how many articles related to that WikiProject have each rating. Browsing WikiProjects for Stub and Start articles is a good way to find new topics to work on.