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Evaluating Wikipedia article quality

The quality of Wikipedia articles varies widely; many are very good, but some lack depth and clarity, contain bias, or are out of date. In general, high-quality articles have these elements:

  • a lead section that gives an easy-to-understand overview,
  • a clear structure,
  • balanced coverage,
  • neutral content, and
  • reliable sources.

Additional information about article quality is available by consulting the "Evaluating Wikipedia" brochure (see below).

Additional resources

Evaluating Wikipedia 2013 brochure cover.png Evaluating Wikipedia: Tracing the evolution and evaluating the quality of articles

How articles evolve, elements of good quality articles, and signs of poor quality articles are all covered in this guide.

Illustrating Wikipedia: A guide to contributing content to Wikimedia Commons

I took this great photo I can use to illustrate Wikipedia! That means I'll need to upload it to Wikimedia Commons.

A companion guide covering Wikimedia Commons, the media repository for images used on Wikipedia. The brochure covers what Wikimedia Commons is, how to upload files, how to use files, and the basics of free licenses.

Instructor Basics: How to use Wikipedia as a teaching tool

This brochure offers best practices for educators looking to assign students to contribute to Wikipedia as part of their course curriculum.