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to "James Hatfield and the Beauty of Buttermere." [With R. W. Buss and T. Wageman.] "Cumberland's British and Minor Theatre." Fourteen etchings to Abraham Elder's "Tales and Legends of the Isle of Wight." Nine aqua-tinta plates to Hugo Playfair's "Brother Jonathan, the Smartest Nation in all Creation."

From 1845 to 1849.

"Sketches of Pumps Handled by Robert Cruikshank." Twenty-four etchings to "The Orphan; or, Memoirs of Matilda" (a translation of Sue's "Mathilde"). Forty etchings to "The Bertaudiere" (Chronicles of the Bastile).

And the following.

Francis L. Clarke's "Life of Wellington." Kentish's "Hudibrastic History of Lord Amherst's Visit to China." "The London Directory and London Ambulator." "Golden Key of the Treasures of Knowledge." "The Little World of Great and Good Things." E. Thomson's "Adventures of a Carpet." "Raphael's Witch; or, Oracle of the Future" (ten coloured designs). "The London Stage" (a collection of about 180 plays, with a cut to each play; 4 vols.). Portrait of Mr. Oxberry as "Humphrey Gull" in the "Dwarf of Naples," etc., etc.