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The following, among others, for McLean, in 1829.

"Search after Happiness" (two plates); Portrait of O'Connell; "Buonaparte in his Study"; "State of the Nation"; "Treasure Seeking"; "The Raft"; "O'Connell's Dream"; "London"; "Plot Discovered"; "Death of the Giraffe" (a series of plates); "Rival Actresses"; "Moments of Reflection"; "Ennui"; "The Ear wig"; "The Lost Key"; "The Man Wot Steers"; "Raising the Wind"; "Catholic State Wagon."

"The Looking Glass" (a series of political and other caricatures, in which he was assisted by William Heath). 1830-1836.

"Sycophant Saints and Sabbath Sinners." Circa 1832.

[With Isaac Robert Cruikshank.] "Cruikshank at Home," and "The Odd Volume." 1836.

"The Omnibus" (a series of humorous etchings on copper); and "The Heiress" (six plates, each consisting of about five subjects).

Upwards of three hundred designs on wood for "Figaro in London." 1831-1836.

"Valpurgis; or, the Devil's Festival." Four woodcuts. (Kidd.) 1831.

"The Extraordinary Black Book" (an exposition of the incomes of the aristocracy, Church, civil list, list of sinecurists, etc.), one caricature plate. 1831.

"The Comic Magazine." 1831-1834.

"Maxims and Hints for an Angler" (twelve beautifully-finished drawings on stone).

"The Schoolmaster Abroad" (aimed at Lord Brougham's educational movement).

"New Readings by Old Authors" (a small lithographic series comprising upwards of three hundred plates, the subjects being suggested by readings in Shakespeare, Schiller's "William Tell," and Byron's "Giaour.")

Several hundred illustrations for Maddeley, the publisher.

The "Humorous Sketches"; "Hood's Comic Almanack," 1836 (thirteen woodcuts); "Squib Annual of Poetry, Politics, and Personalities" (twelve designs); [with Cruikshank] "Sayings worth Hearing, and Secrets worth Knowing"; "Terrific Penny Magazine"; T. K. Hervey's "Book of Christmas," 1836; the early plates to "Pickwick"; some of the plates to the "Pocket Magazine" (Robins' series), eleven vols., etc., etc.