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"Ups and Downs," 1823; "Paternal Pride," 1825; "Despondency and Jealousy" (with George Cruikshank), and many others, in 1825; "Der Freyschutz Travestied," "Alfred Crowquill's SketchBook," "Absurdities in Prose and Verse," 1827; Goethe's "Faust," 1834; six plates of "Pickwickian Sketches," Alfred Bunn's "Vauxhall Papers," 1841; designs on wood for "Sea Pie," an omnium gatherum containing also plates after David Cox, Pyne, Stanfield, and Vickers, 1842; "Punch" (vols. ii. to iv ); plates and numerous designs on wood for "Bentley's Miscellany," many original designs to "Doctor Syntax's Tour in Search of the Picturesque," 1844; "Comic Arithmetic" (forty-seven humorous vignettes), 1844; "Woman's Love," 1846; "Wanderings of a Pen and Pencil," 1846; "A Good-natured Hint about California," 1849; "The Excitement" (2 plates), 1849; 120 designs on wood for the "Pictorial Grammar;" designs on wood for the "Pictorial Arithmetic;" "Gold," 1850; "A Bundle of Crowquills Dropped by Alfred Crowquill," 1854; "Fun," 1854; "Griffel Swillendrunken," 1856; "Aunt Mavor's Nursery Tales," 1856; "Little Pilgrim," 1856; "Little Plays for Little Actors," 1856; "Fairy Tales," 1857; "Merry Pictures by the Comic Hands of 'Phiz,'" etc. (Kent & Co.), 1857; "The Book of Ballads," by Bon Gaultier (with Doyle and Leech), 1857; "A New Story Book," 1858; "Fairy Tales," by Cuthbert Bede, 1858; "Baron Munchausen" (coloured plates), 1858; "Tyll Owlglass" (a similar book), 1859; "Honesty and Cunning," 1859; "Kindness and Cruelty," 1859; "The Red Cap," 1859; "Paul Prendergast," 1859; "Strange Surprising Adventures of the Venerable Gooros Simple," 1861; "Fairy Footsteps," 1861; Chambers' "Book of Days;" G. W. Reynolds'