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Lesson Mounted with the Longe 64
Arthrology (Articulations of the Horse) 76
Myology (Superficial Muscles) 77
The Handling of the Reins 101
Diagram showing how to enter the Corners 205
Diagram of Change of Direction 209
The Double to the Right (Diagram) 212
Changes of Hand (Diagrams) 214
Circle (Diagram) 216
The Volte (Diagram) 219
Figure 8 (Diagram) 225
Half-Passage, Head to Wall 229
Half-Passage, Shoulder-in 231
Contra Change of Hand (Diagram) 233
Head too Low 323
Head too High 325
Running Away 335
The Head to Croup 339
Punishing a Restive Horse 343
The Buck-Jump 347
A Restive Horse in the Incorrect Position called "Acculer" 352
Rearing 353
Kicking 357