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This category identifies Page: namespace pages that are not, and need not be, transcluded into the main namespace; for example, blank pages, or certain bland end-matter. It is used as part of a maintenance effort aimed at identifying Page: namespace pages that do need to be transcluded to the mainspace. Essentially, this category exists to weed out false positives.

Note that there is no rule or consensus on what pages may or should be omitted when transcluding works in the main namespace. If you want to transclude a page in this category, do so; but remember to remove it from this category as well. If a page in this category is found to have been transcluded, remove it from this category.

Main namespace works should not show in this list, if they do, it means that a page has been retrospectively transcluded, and that this category should be removed from that page. Run this query petscan:1481103 to identify works that have such pages.

The easiest test is on a per work basis. The tool can be used on Index: pages of works to test whether pages have been transcluded. Note that the icon on Index: pages is an active link to the Checker tool.

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