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Abbas the Great, Shah of Persia, wishes to introduce printing into Persia, 119

Africa, question as to first introduction of printing into, 123

Aldrich, Stephen J., of the British Museum, an authority on incunabula, 208

Ancina, Bishop, his integrity, 169

Antequera Castro, Joseph, author of a book printed in Paraguay, 133

Baber, Rev. H. H., his Museum catalogue, 85; his plan for an improved catalogue, 90

Bailey, J. B., on subject indexes to scientific periodicals, 225

Beresford, General, prints proclamations in Buenos Ayres, 136

Bethnal Green Library, its contrivance for the accommodation of books, the prototype of the British Museum sliding-press, 267

Bible, the foundation of the system of classifiation adopted at the British Museum, 212

Blades, William, his "Enemies of Books," 283-287

Bond, Sir Edward Augustus, K. C. B., Principal Librarian of the British Museum, his services to the British Museum Printed Catalogue, 15; his negotiations with the Treasury, 65. 73. 94; memoir of, 335~339

Bonifacius, Joannes, author of the first book printed by Europeans in China, 121

Bradshaw, Henry, 209

British Museum Catalogue, how far a model for other catalogues, 7

Canevarius, Antonius, collector of books and amateur of bindings, 164-166

Carlisle, Nicholas, 312

Gary, Rev. Henry, 295

Classed indexes to Museum Catalogue, how to be made, 106

Classification of Books on the shelves of the British Museum, Library, 211

Clemente Patavino, early Italian printer, 201

Cole, Sir Henry, 84, 109

Collins, C. H., Esq., of Edgbaston, advocates a classified index of scientific papers, 22

Colophons of the early printers, 197-209

Cordier, M. Henri, Chinese bibliographer, 121

Crestadoro, Mr., advocates dictionary catalogues, 46

Cutter, C. W., his report on catalogues, 46; his cataloguing rules, 48

Dewey, Melvil, on the decimal system of classification, 80

Douglas, Professor R. K., Keeper of Oriental Books and MSS., his catalogue of the Museum collection of maps, 15; supervises catalogue of accession titles, 74

Duarte y Quiros, founder of a college at Cordova, La Plata, 134

Dury, John, 175-190, passim

Edwards, Edward, 320

Electric Light in British Museum, 253, 254