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its publication, at the same time placing it at the very last, in the hope that those who do not wish to peruse its pages need not unwittingly find themselves doing so.

I take this opportunity of thanking my old friend and teacher, Mr. F. M. Bailey, Queensland Government Botanist, for his kindness in determining the various plants, grasses, &c., submitted to him for examination. Mr. C. de Vis, Curator of the Brisbane Museum, did me a similar service with regard to the fauna. I also wish to express my obligations to the many station-managers—notably, Mr. Sam. Reid, of Clonagh; Mr. J. Craigie, late of Roxburgh Downs (now of Stockport); Mr. J. Coghlan, late of Glenormiston; Mr. Reardon, of Carlo ; Mr. A. Cameron, of Marion Downs; and Mr. Dan. Wienholt, of Warenda—for all their trouble and help in furthering my investigations. Messrs. E. Etheridge, junr., and Chas. Hedley, of the Australian Museum, Sydney, have also given me continuous advice and encouragement in carrying out these Ethnological studies: the former gentleman has laid me under a deep debt of gratitude in drawing up the Bibliography. My greatest thanks of all, however, are due to Mr. Parry-Okeden, Commissioner of Police, Brisbane, who has given me every facility and assistance in preparing the work for publication. I look forward to the day when Mr. Parry-Okeden will have the satisfaction of seeing his words verified, that "Queensland will be proud of her aboriginals"—a consummation in which he has made up his mind to take an active part.

In the arrangement of the tabular matter, and in the setting of the different types necessary for the elucidation of the text, the reader cannot fail to appreciate the many difficulties that have been so successfully overcome by the various officials at the Government Printing Office—Mr. E. Gregory, Mr. G. A. Vaughan, and the staff generally.
Brisbane, Queensland, Sept., 1897.


Sect. 62, subsection f.—Omit "an absence which was also met with around Rockhampton and Gladstone (sect. 70d)."

Sect. 70, subsection (d).— Omit "the gamo-matronyms being alone deficient."