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A List of the More Important Publications bearing on the District and Tribes
Described in the Following Pages, or that should be Referred to
in Conjunction with the Matter therein Contained.



Curator of the Australian Museum, Sydney, N.S.W.

N.B.—While away in the North working at his MSS., Dr. Roth was unaware of the existence of the following literature, and hence has described certain tribes under names spelt differently from those given in Mr. Etheridge's List. To prevent ambiguity the accompanying table is appended:—

Names in Mr. Etheridge's List. Names in Dr. Roth's Work.
Karrandee = Karunti
Kulkadoon = Kalkadoon
Miappe = Miubbi
MoorloobuUoo = Mooraboola
Mykoolon = Mikoolun
Oonoomurra = Woonamurra
Ringa-Ringaroo = Ringo Ringo
Runga-Eungawah = Rungo Rungo
Wollongurma = Wollangama
Yanda = Yunda
Yelina = Yellunga

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