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The System of Tales in the Folklore Collect. of Copenh.

chanted by stone; daughter of the farm promised to man who can disenchant them.

93. Queer Names (Underlige navne).

A. The Queer Names at the Farm (De sære navne på gården); GlM III 7. Woman tells boy that cat, dog, fire, and so on have queer names. Forgets joke herself, does not understand his cry, when farm burns.

B. The Boy's Queer Names (Karlens underlige navne); Skattegr. V 771. Boy names himself in different ways to father, mother, doughter and other people in the house; misunderstandings.

94. The Valiant Tailor (Den tapre skrædder); Gr 20.

95. The Big Lies (De store lögne).

95 A. The Lies of the three Fellows (Havet er brændt af!); GÆ III p. 152. Three fellows tell lies in such a way that the tale of each is confirmed by the next one's.

95 B. The Fox in the Beard (Ræven i skægget). Man has 77 sons; bridal-beds made from one fishbone; fox attired by fish-smell; hides himself in man's beard.

95 C. The Hunter's Adventures (Skyttens hændelser); GlM II 127.

96. The Evil One Tricked [»The Heaped Measure»] (Den Onde narret); comp. GÆ II 19.

97. The King and the Abbot (De tre spörsmål); GlM I 111, Gr 152.

98. The Boots of Buffalo Leather (Kongen og matrosen); Gr 199.

99 A. The Adventure of the Clergyman (Præsten på æventyr); JF VII 13, Gr 95.

99 B. The three Suitors Fooled (Tre narrede friere); GlM III 159.

99 C. The Cunning Boy (Karlen Klog); Berntsen 24. Boy helps husband to discovery of wife's and neighbour's intimacy.