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Astrid Lunding.
100. The Avaricious Clergyman (Den gerrige præst).

A. The Beetles (Skarnbasserne); GlM III 161. Pretented miracle: bees into scarabees.

B. The Porridge (Grøden). Boy prevents husband from getting food all day; misunderstandings through fetching of porridge at night.

101. The Miser (Den gerrige mand); GÆÆ II 5.

102. The Affectionate Wife (Den kærlige kone); Clouston Tales and Migrations I p. 29—35.

103. The Merry Wifes (De lystige koner); GÆ I 19.

104. Hans in Luck (Den fromme kone); Gr 83.

105. The Foolish Wife (Den gale kone); Gr 59.

106. The Treasure and the Foolish Wife (Skatten); GÆ I 20.

107. Wise Folks! (Den dumme kone); GlM I 29, Gr 104.

108. Roques and Fools (Skælmer og narre); JF VII 15. Cosq. 10. 20. 49. 81.

109. The Fool (Tossen).

A. Going a Travelling (Mollerejsen); Gr 143.

B. The Good Bargain (Markedsrejsen); Gr 7, comp. No. 20.

C. The Foolish Suitor [»Clever Hans»] (Den dumme Frier); Gr 133.

110 A. The Master-Thief (Mestertyven); Gr 192.

110 B. The Old Woman in the Chest (Kællingen i kisten); JF VII 39, Cosq. 80.

111. The Thieves' Apprentice (Tyvenes lærling); JF VII 10. Steels from one another; apprentice proves strongest.

112. Big Brother and Little Brother (Store bror og lille bror); Gr 61.

113. The Bullock, born by the clergyman (Tyrekalven); Dania I p. 283.

114. The Rustic Clergyman [»Doctor Know-all»] (Bondepræsten); Gr 98.

115. The Husband as Housekeeper (Manden i huset); GlM II 319. Husbaud complains of hard work,