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The System of Tales in the Folklore Collect. of Copenh.

proposes wife to change with her. All goes wrong.

116. Two Ways of Understanding a Thing (Det er, som man tar det til); GlM III 4ß. Father's 3 counsels rightly understood by his own daughter, wrongly by her stepsister.

117. The Three King-Sons who cured the Princess (Kongesön og dværgesøster); comp. 1001-Nights: Achmet and Paribanu.

118. How the Youngest Brother got the Finest Wife (De tre brødre); Kamp Folkeminder 765. Youngest brother marries rich girl, by her mistake. Returns, pretents to be poor, is badly treated, until girl points him out as husband.

119. God and the Blacksmith (Vorherre og smeden); Asbj. 21, Gr 147.

120. Little Snow-White (Kongedatter i røverkule); Gr 53.

121. The Proud Lady Humbled [»King Thrushbeard»] (Den stolte jomfru); GlM III 1, Gr 52.

122. Godfather Death (Døden og doktoren); Gr 44. 42.

123. The Playing Stag [»Money will repair allthings»] (Den spillende hjort); GÆ III p. 156. Man hidden in the stag gets the princess.

124. The Frog-King (Kongesön i tusseham); GlM III 38, Gr 1.

125. Clever Elsie (Frieren); GlM II 446, Gr 34.

126. The Musician and the Wolf (Ulven); comp. Gr 8. Princess stolen from deceived wolf.

127. The Lazy Boy (Den dorne dreng); GÆ I 9.

128. The Foolish Wishes (Fuldt op!).

A. The Woman's Wishes (Konens onsker); GÆ II 18.

B. The Horns (Hornene); Gr 87.

129. Sesam Mountain (Skattebjærget); Gr 142.

130. Fortune and Reason (Lykken og forstanden); GÆ III p. 136. »Fortune» saves man when »Reason» has brought him to death.