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Astrid Lunding.

monly known names as Cinderella, Aladdin, etc.). For less conventional types I have indicated in a few words the substance.

For better identification is named if possible for each type one printed danish version and one of other great collections, especially Grimm's »Kindermärchen»[1].

I shall be glad if this paper proves of any use to those who wish to consult the manuscripts of the Copenhagen Collection or to those who are elaborating a larger system concerning all the more prominent types of tales from different lands.

1. The Swan Maiden (Prinsessen i federham); GÆ II 2, Gr. 92.

2. The Hind-Princess (Hinden), GÆ II 6. Prince pursues white hind; lie three nights by cold person; princess delivered.

3 A. The Princess of the Glass Mountain (Prinsessen på glasbjærget); GlM III 83.

3 B. Andromeda [The Princess saved from the Sea Monster] (Prinsesse reddet fra havtrold); GlM III 83.

4. The Helping Raven (Ravnen); GÆ II 13. Helping raven gives strength; Andromeda; raven delivered by wrestling.

5 A. The Rescued Princesses (De bortstjålne kongedotre); GlM I 34I, Gr 91.

  1. The full titles are these: Grundtvig, Danske Folkeæventyr I—II, 1876—78 (GÆ I—II) [Dänische volksmärchen, übersetzt, I bei Leo, II bei Strodtmann, Leipzig 1878—79]; id., Danske Folkeæventyr, 1883 (GÆ III); id., Gamle Danske Minder I—III 1855—61 (Gl. M.); Evald Tang Kristensen, Jyske folkeminder, V, VII, XII, XIII, 1881—95 (JF); id. Skattegraveren I—XII, 1884—89; Kamp, Danske Folkeæventyr, I—II 1879—89; Berntsen, Folke-Eventyr, 1873—83. Foreign collections, as Grimm (Gr), Cosquin, Asbjörnsen, etc., it seems unnecessary to give here in full. — Numerals represent number of tale.