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The System of Tales in the Folklore Collect. of Copenh.
5 B. Strong Jack (Starke Hans); GlM I 34II, Gr 90.

6. Aladdin [The Spirit of the Lamp] (Ånden i lyset); GÆ II 3, Gr 116.

7. The Three Animals Brides (De tre dyrebrude); GÆ II 3.

8. The Boy with Golden Hair (Guldhåret). Serves in the kings court and gains princess.

A. The Flight from the Troll (Flugten fra trolden); GlM II 311.

B. The captive Wild Man (Vildmanden); GÆ I 15, Gr 136.

9. The Queer Companions (De underlige stalbrødre).

A. The Seven Stars (Syvstjærnen); GÆ I 17, Gr 134.

B. How Six Men Got on in the World [The Foot-Race] (Væddeløbet); Gr 71.

C. The Four Skilful Brothers (Forskellige håndværk); Gr 129I.

D. The Change of Sex (Skifiet kön).

10. The Wise Horse [Ferdinand Treu & Ferdinand Ungetreu] (Den kloge hest); GÆ II 1, Gr 126.

11. The Story of the Youth, who went forth to learn, what Fear was (Den frygtløse svend); GÆ II 11, Gr 4.

12. The Boys Journey to Hell (Drengens rejse til Helvede); GÆ I 3, Cosq. 69.

13. Bird, Horse and Princess (Fugl, hest og prinsesse); GÆ III p. 102, Gr 57.

14. The Dragon's Life-Blood (Dragens hjærteblod); GlM II 315. Sick king healed by dragon's heart-blood, impostor revealed.

15. The Poor Miller's Boy and the Cat (Den hvide kat), JF VII 5, Gr 106.

16. The Foster-Son of the Wild Man (Skovmandens fostersön); GÆ I 1. Hero receives power of transformation, gains the princess; is thrown in the sea, but saved by a mermaid.