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consecrated at Rome, he made profession of his obedience at Lambeth 6th Nov. following^^J. He died 24th Sept. 1370-, and was buried in the church of the Friars Minors at Bangor. The spirituahties were taken into the hands of the archbishop of Canterbury 13th Oct. i37o*.

1 37 1 Howell ^9, dean of Bangor^ was elected by the monks 45 Ed. III. there; but the Pope nulHfied the election, and ap- pointed him by a bull dated 21st April 137 1. He received the spiritualities 31st Aug., and died in February following^, on his way to Rome.

1372 John Gilbert, a Dominican, was provided to this see 46Ed.IIl. by pope Gregory XI 17th March 1371-2, received the

spiritualities i6th July 1372, and made profession of his obedience to the archbishop 16th Nov. in the same year-'i. On 12th Sept. J 375 he was translated to Hereford ^2. 1376 John Swafham, hishop ofCloyne (Clonensis), was trans-

5oEd.IlI. lated to this see by papal bull dated 2nd July 1376; he made his profession of obedience 22nd Oct."'-^, and received the temporalities on the 28th of the same month ^. The date of his death does not appear, but 2 1 St July 1398 a license was issued to elect a bishop in his room"; pursuant to which, 3 400 Richard Yonge was chosen, and as bishop-elect had

I Hen. IV. the custody of the temporalities granted to him 2 1 st Oct. 1399^; and having been approved, indeed it may be said provided, to the see by the Pope ^7^ he ob-

"1^ Reg. Langh. fol. 84. ^^ Reg. Sudbury.

47 His will, dated 28th April s-* Pat. 50 Edw. III. p. 2.111.21.

1369, was proved 30th Oct. ^* Pat. 22 Ric. II. p. i. m. 29.

1370. Reg. Whittles, fol. 117. ^^ Pat. i Hen. IV. p. 5. m. 27. 4** Ibid. 57 Thomas Cantuar. archiepi- 49 Called also HowelapGronoj scopus &c. dilectis in Christo

he had been archdeacon of An- filiis decano ecclesiae Bangoren'

glesey. et archidiacono Anglesey in ea-

^0 Reg. Whittles, fol. 136. dem salutem. Literas Bonefacii

^' Ibid. fol. 137. PP. IX. recepimus quod idem

^2 Pat. 49 Edw. III. p. 2. m. 9. Papa ecclesiae Bangoren' vacanti

and Reg. Sndbury. de venerabili viro magistro Ri-

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