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��1309 Anian Seys^i, dean of Bangor and archdeacon of An- Edw. II. qlesey^ received the royal assent to his election 5th Aug. 1309^2, and his temporalities ^3 ^t,h Sept. He was confirmed xiv Oal. Oct. (i8th Sept.) -^4, and con- secrated 9th Nov. in the same year-^^. He died 26th Jan, 1327-8, and was buried in Bangor cathedral^^.

A license to elect a bishop in the room of Anian

issued 13th Feb. 1327-8-37, in pursuance of which

1328 Matthew de Englefeld was chosen 28th Feb.

I Edw. III. 1327-839^ received the royal assent to his election 23rd

March 39j was confirmed 24th April "i*^, obtained the

temporalities on the 30th of that month^^ and was

consecrated on Sunday 12th June following^-. He

died 25th April 1357.

1357 Thomas de Ringstede, S.T.D., was provided to this

lEd.Ill. see 2Tst Aug. 1357, and received the spiritualities

J 5th Nov^^. He died at Shrewsbury in the monastery

of the Friars Preachers 8th Jan. 1365-6^^, and was

buried in their house in London ^^. His will is dated

3rd Dec. 1365^^, and was proved v Id. Feb. ^"^6^-6.

1367 Gervase de Castbo, S.T.D., was appointed to this

lEd.lll. gee by Urban HI nth Dec. 1366; received the

spiritualities i6th Feb. 1366-7; and, having been

��31 Godwin makes Ludovicus succeed Griffin in 1320, but he is clearly in error.

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41 He did fealty to the King

��30th April. Claus. 2 Edw. III. m. 19.

42 In crastino Sancti Barnabae 1328. Reg. Cantuar. Reg. Dro- kensf.

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44 vi Id. Jan. 1365-6 in domo Fratrum Preedicatorum apud Sa- lop. (Reg. Islip, fol. 245.) Elias de Roudon was custos of the spiritualities on the Nones of Feb. (5th) 1365-6, and they were taken into the hands of the arch- bishop iv Non. Mali (4th) 1366. Reg. Cantuar.

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o 2

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