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John Le Neve, of Cavendish, co. Suffolk, and of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, co. Middllesex. Died at Hammersmith, co. Middlesex; administration granted, 1st. Dec. 1654, to his widow Katherine.
Katherine, 3rd daughter and co-heiress of Rice Griffith, of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, co. Middlesex, esq. (descended from the family of Griffith of Killigroon, co. Glamorgan.)

She re-married Robert Hope, esq., Chief Clerk of the Spiceries to Kings Charles I. and II. Died 25th, and buried in Westminster Abbey 29th July 1682.

1. Philip Le Neve, died young.
2. Richard Le Neve, captain in the navy, by commission dated 4th Aug. 1671; commanded the Edgar, frigate, and was slain in action with the Dutch, unmarried, æt. 27 years; 11th, and was buried in Westminster Abbey 29th Aug. 1673. Will dated in March 1672; administration granted 26th Aug. 1673[1]
3. Edmund Le Neve, (eldest surviving son,) of the Middle Temple, London; matriculated there 11th Dec. 1673; died, unmarried, 10th Feb. 1688-89; buried at St. Martin's-in-the-Fields. Will dated 6th Feb. 1688-89, proved 20th April following.

1st wife.

Frances daughter of Thomas Moncke, of Potheridge, co. Devon., esq., eldest brother of George duke of Albemarle, K.G.; died of the smallpox 12th and buried in the north aisle of Westminster Abbey 15th May 1677.[2]
4.John Le Neve, of St. Gilles-in-the-Fields, co. Middlesex, esq., born 10th Jan. 1649; died Sunday 26th July, and was buried in the north aisle of Westminster Abbey (behind the organ) 2nd Aug. 1693. Willdated 17th May 1693, proved 8th Aug. following, and 3rd Mar. 1700[3]

2nd wife.

Amy daughter of John Bent, of Paternoster-row, citizen and merchant-taylor of London, (by Anne daughter of John Newton of Houghton;) died 12th, and buried in the north aisle of Westminster Abbey (behind the organ) 17th Dec. 1687[4]
Elizabeth, only daughter, married Thomas Boughton, of King's Cliff, co. Northampton. He died 2nd June 1688. Will dated 26th June 1687, proved 1st Feb. 1688. She living a widow 1693.
Mary, only child, died, aged 24 hours.
John Le Neve, only surviving child, born in Great Russell street, Bloomsbury, on St. John's day (27th Dec.) 1679, was (during his minority) under the guardianship of his kinsman Peter Le Neve, esq., Norroy, and Thomas Wooton, goldsmith.[5]
Frances, 2nd daughter, a minor and unmarried, 1693.
Elizabeth, eldest daughter, 1693.
Katherine, youngest daughter, 1693.
1. Thomas Boughton, æt. 27, 1693.

2. Christopher Boughton, æt. 25, 1693.
3. John Boughton, æt. 23, 1693.
4. Edmond Boughton, æt. 19, 1693.

5. Le Neve Boughton, æt. 15, 1693.
  1. There is a monument for him in Westminster Abbey, commemorating his bravery.
  2. She dies in Great Russell street, Bloomsbury, and was buried with escutcheons of Moncke quartering the royal arms, and the arms of Le Neve differenced with a mullet, (3rd son.)
  3. He held lands in Ashton, co. Northampton, Mark's-hall, co. Essex, and Lempster, co. Hereford. He mentions in his will his brothers-in-law Edward Browne ad Edward Rigby, and their wives, and his aunt Lucy Molyneux, (named also by his brother Edmund;) names his kinsman Peter Le Neve, esq., as executor and guardian of his son, and leaves a ring to his cousin Oliver Le Neve.
  4. She was buried with 24 escutcheouns, in which the arms of Le Neve are distinguished by the difference of a 3rd son. (mullet.)
  5. Extract from Peter Le Neve's "Memorand. in Heraldry," under the year 1722: "Le Neve, John, rector of Thornton-in-the-More, in Lincolnshire.