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It frequently happens that few memorials are to be found of the lives of those who have been employed in perpetuating the memory of others. This is the case with the author of the following laborious compilation, whose name does not occur in any of our standard Biographical Dictionaries. The following are the only facts relating to him which have been discovered.

John Le Neve was born in Great Russell street, Bloomsbury, in the house facing Montague-house great gate, on St. John's day, 27th Dec. 1679, and baptized in the parish church of St. Giles-in-the-Fields on the 5th Jan. following. He was the only child of John Le Neve, and Amy[1] daughter of John Bent[2], of Paternoster row, mercer, citizen, and merchant-taylor of London. His father was a man of landed property, for, in addition to the manor of White Roothing in Essex[3], which he purchased about the year 1686,

  1. In the library of the late John Nichols, esq., was an annotated copy of the " Fasti Ecclesiæ Anglicanæ," which contained a note said to have been written by Le Neve himself, wherein the name of his mother is miswritten Mary. This circumstance, together with the style of the memorandum, seems opposed to the notion that it was drawn up by Le Neve himself; the entry being written in the third instead of the first person, and the dates of the several occurrences being given in general rather than specific terms.
  2. By Anne, daughter of John Newton, of Houghton.
  3. He held his first court there on the 8th of June 1686.
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