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Thomas Lloyd, i6th April 1748^*^.

John Ellis, 3rd Nov. 1753^'-

Andrew Edwards, 21st Dec. 1754 ^'2.

E-iCHARD Farrington, i^th Oct. 1762^3,

James Vincent, 3otli Nov. 1773^^.

Lewis Hughes, 22nd Dec. 1783^^.

Henry William Majendie, 9th May 181 6 ^6.

Hugh Wynne Jones, 28th Nov. 1818 ^7. Ob. 9th Dec.

1849, aged 74. James Williams, 2 1 st March 1 85 1 , vice Hugh Wynne




Richard Vachan held this stall anno 1504; and was

succeeded by David Yale, LL.B., about 1508. William Knight, LL.D., was possessed of it anno

1529, having been collated in 1520, vice Yale re- signed. And on Knight's being made bishop of Wells

anno 1541, FuLK Salisbury, dean of St. Asaph, obtained this stall.

And at his death, anno 1543, it was conferred upon William Capon, S.T.P., brother to the bishop of that

name. He died anno 1550. John Gwyn, A.B., was collated 7th Oct. 1550. He

resigned it the next year to Griffith Wynn; who was prevailed upon soon after to

quit it to John Gwyn, A.M., who had resigned it before to him,

re-admitted 7th Jan. 1554. He died anno 1574, being

LL. D. and possessed of this dignity.

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