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Eliud or Teilaus.
Ceneu or Kenea.
Morwal or Morvael.
Haernunen or Haernurier.
Elwaed[2] or Elvaeth.
Gurnuen or Gurnel.
Lendivord or Leudinord or Lendywyth.
Gorwysc or Gorwyst.
Gogan or Gorgan.
Anian or Einaen.
Elbodg, Elvoed[3], Elbodu, or Eludoeth.
Ethelmen or Eldunen.
Elanc or Elnaeth.
Malscoed or Maelskwythe.
Sadermen[4] or Madenew.
Catellus or Catulus.
Sulhaithnay or Sulnay.
Novis[5] or Namis, alias Nonis.
Etwal or Doythwall.
Arthuael or Alhuael.
Sampson retired into Britanny on account of a contagious sickness in his diocese, taking his pall with

him; and his successors at St. David's, either for want of that, or from poverty or negligence, lost their title of archbishop, though they exercised the power of consecrating bishops until the reign of Henry I.[7]

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