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with archiepiscopal power.

Ruclinus[1] succeeded Sampson.
Lunverd or Lumberth, or Lywarch or Luvert[2].
Morcleis[3] or Morleis. Ob. 945[4].
Everus or Eueuris[5].
Jevan. Bishop only one night.
Morgenveth, Morgeney or Uregeneu, slain by the Danes in 998[6].
Morgeneu or Morgynnyd. Ob. 1023.
Heurun or Ervin or Hernun or Herbin. Ob. 1039[7].
Tramerin or Carmerin. Ob. 1055[8].
Joseph. Ob. 1063[9].
Beithyd or Bledud. Ob. 1071[10].
Sulghein or Sulien or Sulgenius: resigned in 1076[11].
Abraham. Slain in 1078[12].
Sulghein resumed the see in 1078, and resigned it again in 1085[13].
Rythmarch or Rikemarth. Ob. 1096.

Wilfrid[14] or Griffri.[15]

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