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312 ST. DAVID'S.

William Nicolson, collated 25th Jan. 1643-4. He was deprived in the great Rebellion. He became bishop of Gloucester, and held this archdeaconry in commendam till his death.

Timothy Halton was collated 8th Feb. 1671-2. Ob. 2ist July 1704, aged 72.

Roger Griffith, S.T.B., was collated 9th Oct. 1704. Ob. Oct. 1708.

Joseph Stevens was collated 17th Nov. 1708.

Thomas Payne instituted 22nd April 1736.

Thomas Eynon, 26th Nov. 1759.

Edward Edwards, 26th Oct. 1763.

Richard Davies, 15th Feb. 1805.


William was archdeacon of Oaerniarthen in 1140.

OsBERT held this office between the years 1198 and 1 220.

Tancred held it in 1254 and 1263.

Mereduc ap Gorward or Gurwared occurs in 1283.

John de Alderby held it in 1283.

Gilbert de Mossylwicke held it in 1300 and 1313.

Walter Winter held it 28th Jan. 132930.

Griffith Caunton held it in 1334, 1340? and 1347.

John Clyewe, appointed i8th Oct. 1347.

HowEL AP David Vaghan, appointed 22nd Nov. 1356.

William Baldwin held it in 1368.

William Nicholl held it in 1376 and 1389.

Edmund Warham, appointed 28th Aug. 139 1.

William Chicheley held it about 1408,

William Newport held it in 1412 and 1418.

William Pirrye held it in 1432 and 1434.

Geoffrey Caunton occurs about 1470.

Richard Keyt or Keyr occurs about 1482. His will,

dated 7th June, was proved 26th Aug. 1488. John ap Morgan, collated 4th July 1488. Henry ap Howell, collated 13th Feb. 1493-4. Edward ap John was collated 8tli June 1509.

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