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DEANS. 387

Reginald Pole was elected 12th Aug. 1527, and con- firmed 23rd Sept. He was deprived in or about 1537^^.

He became a cardinal, and archbishop of Canterbury.

A resignation of his deanery was exhibited in chapter

24th Jan. 1553-4. Simon Haynes, S.T.P., was elected i6th July 1537,

and confirmed on the 28th of the same month. He

died in 1552^^ James Haddon, A.M., was elected, and installed 10th

July 1553^'^. Deprived 1554^-^. Thoihas Reynold, elected 9th Feb. 1554-5; he was

deposed, and died 24th Nov. 1559, in prison ^4. Gregory Dodds was elected 10th Feb., and confirmed

25th, 1559-60. The archbishop's license to elect is dated 20th Jan. 1559-60^^ He died in 1570^^. George Carew, also dean of Windsor, was confirmed

1 2th Jan. 157071. The archbishop's mandate for

his installation is dated 12th Feb.67 He died in June

1583, setat. 85, and was buried in the church of St.

Giles-in-the- Fields, in the county of Middlesex. Stephen Townesende succeeded 5th Oct. 1583 6^,

and died in Sept. 1588^9. Matthew Sutcliffe, LL.D., was confirmed 27th Oct.

1588, and died in 162970. His will is dated ist Nov.

1628. William Peterson, S.T.P., dean of Carlisle^ was

elected i8th July 1629, and died 6th Dec. 166 1,

setat. 74^1. Seth Ward, '^!Y: .Y .^ precentor of this church, was elected

26th Dec. 1661, confirmed 13th Jan., and in the year

following was made bishop of this see 72.

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