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Edward Young, S.T.B., was elected and installed 21st Aug. 1662"'-, and died the year following.

George Gary, S.T.P., was elected on the 5th, and installed loth Sept. 1663, and died 2nd Feb. 1680-1, setat. 69.

Richard Axxesley, S.T.B., was elected on the 6th, and installed 7th April 1681. He became Lord Altham. He died 16th Nov. 1701, and was buried in West- minster Abbey "3.

William Wake, S.T.P., was nominated by the King's letters patent 4th Dec. 1701, collated to a prebend 13th Feb., next day was chosen a canon residentiary, and on the i6th of the same month was elected and installed dean. In 1 705 he was made bishop of Lin- coln'^.

Launcelot Blackburn, A.M., was elected and in- stalled 3rd Nov. 1705"^. He was promoted to this bishopric in 17 16-17.

Edward Tbelawney, archdeacon of Exeter^ was elected in Feb. 17 16-17, and installed in May 17 17. He died 24th Oct. 1726.

John Gilbert was elected 14th Nov. 1726; installed 27th Dec, and confirmed 7th Jan. following. He was promoted to the see of Llandaff in 1740.

Alubed Clarke, D.D., was elected on the 12th, and installed i6th Jan. 1 740-1 ; he was confirmed on the 27th of the same month, and died 31st May 1742.

William Holmes, D.D., was installed 26th June 1742, and confirmed 14th Sept. He died 3rd April 1748.

Charles Lyttleton, LL.D., was elected on the ist, and installed 4th June 1748. He was promoted to the see of Carlisle in 1763.

Jeremiah Milles, D.D., was elected 28th April, and confirmed 8th June 1762. Ob. 13th Feb. 1784, setat. 71.

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