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William Buller, D.D., was elected 25th March 1784, and installed 27th March. He became dean of Can- terbury, and resigned this deanery.

Charles Harward was elected i6th July 1790, and confirmed 13th Aug. He died 15th July 1802, setat. 79.

Charles Talbot was elected 31st Dec. 1802, and con- firmed 3rd Jan. 1803. He resigned this deanery for that of Sarum.

George Gordon was elected 15th April 1809. He re- signed Exeter for the deanery of Lincoln in 18 10.

John Garnett was elected 24th Feb. 18 10, and con- firmed 17th March. He died 12th March 1813, setat. 6^.

Whittington Landon was elected 24th April 1813, and died 29th Dec. 1838, setat. 80.

Thomas Hill Lowe, precentor of Exeter, was elected 27th June 1839, confirmed ist Aug., and installed the next day.

This deanery is rated for first fruits at 158/."^


William de Bismano, collated the first subdean by

the founder, bishop Quivil, 9th July 1284. John de Uphaven, collated by bishop Stapeldon 26th

July 13 13. Died 26th April 13 18. Richard Braylegh, collated nth May that year;

confirmed dean 2nd Oct. 1335. Richard de Kyrkeby, appointed ist June 1336, Henry de Pike, promoted 5th Nov. 1350. William de Polmorna, appointed in commendam 9th

June 1349 : we meet him again 29th Dec. 1355. John Pesemer, appointed by patent 13th Aug. 136977.

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