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John Fisher, bishop of the see, appointed 21st July 1803.

Hon. George Pelham, bishop of the see, appointed 12th Aug. 1807. He held this office until he was translated to Lincoln.

John Moore, M.A., was nominated 20th Nov. and instituted to this dignity 29th Dec. 1820: afterwards added the surname of Stevens.


Alnothus. Died 13th June 1098.

Ernaldus held this dignity in 1110.

Hugo de Auco held it about 1135.

William, about 1143.

A., about 1150.

Walter. Died, holding it, 30th April 1157.

Ralph Luce held this office between 1161 and 1184.

Peter. Died possessed of it 7th Sept. 1171.

Galterus held this dignity about 1180.

Walter Fitz Rogo witnessed a deed in bishop John's time, between 1186 and 1191. He died 23rd June 1216.

Simon, nephew of bishop Simon de Apuha, was archdeacon about the year 1219.

Martin witnessed bishop Brewer's confirmation of Woodbury to the vicars choral 28th May 1228.

Thomas occurs 1238.

John Rof was living in Aug. 1243.

Jordan appears to have succeeded John.

Geofrey de Bismano resigned early in 1264.

Robert de Tefford, collated 7th April 1264.

John de Esse was collated 23rd Aug. 1274. Died 28th June 1282.

Henry or Thomas de Bolegh was collated 8th July 1282.

William de Bodringham or Bodeham is mentioned as archdeacon in 1296.