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Adam de Carleton held this dignity 7th Jan. 1307-8 99.

Walter occurs as archdeacon ist April 1311.

Nicholas de Scotton, appointed by the King 8th March 1328-9 1

John St. Paul is said to have filled this office in 1346.

William de Cusantia, appointed 15th Feb. 1349-502, occurs 27th July 1354.

Nicholas de Neuton, presented by the King 28th April 13623.

Thomas Orange or Orgrave, appointed by the King 9th May 13714, after enjoying the dignity for some years, exchanged in March 1376-7 for a prebend in York cathedral with

Nicholas Braybroke, collated 3rd March 1376-7; on whose resignation,

Robert Braybroke occurs in July 1381.

Richard Lentwardyn exchanged some other preferment for this archdeaconry with Braybroke 5th April 13955

Edward Dauntesey was collated 13th July 1396.

John Orum occurs in 1411.

John Bremer was collated 3rd April 1413.

Richard Penels succeeded Bremer.

William Fylham was collated 29th May 1419; on whose resignation,

Walter Trengof was collated 2nd Oct. 1436; on whose death,

Richard Helyer, collated 20th Feb. 1444-5.

Henry Trevylien, collated 19th Nov. 1446. Resigned.

John Selot, collated 20th March 1448-9.

Thomas Marke occurs i2th July 1462.

Owen Lloyd occurs archdeacon in Feb. 1466-7.

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