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William Sylke held this dignity in 1491, and resigned it early in 1499 for the precentorship.

Thomas Harrys, collated 15th April 1499. He resigned this office for the precentorship in 1509.

Bernard Oldham, collated 16th Dec. 1509. He resigned this for the treasurership in 1515.

John Fulford was collated from the archdeaconry of Totnes 18th April 1515. Resigned 13th May 1515. Ob. 19th Jan. 1518-9.

Richard Sydnor, collated 13th May 1515, but resigned soon after for the archdeaconry of Totnes.

Hugh Ashton, collated 28th Sept. 1515. Resigned.

Richard Samson, collated 3rd Feb. 1516-7; on whose resignation,

Rowland Lee was installed 8th Sept. 1528; and, six years after, preferred to the see of Lichfield and Coventry.

Thomas Bedyll, collated 2nd March 1534-5, and installed 11th June 1535. Died two years after.

Thomas Wynter, collated 8th Oct., and installed l0th Oct. 1537; on whose resignation,

John Pollard, collated 25th May 1543.

Hugo Weston[1], collated 17th Oct. 1547; resigned for the deanery of Westminster.

John Rixman, instituted 23rd Sept. 1554, on the presentation of John and Ann Tusser. William Body had been the previous patron of this archdeaconry, by virtue of a grant from bishop Veysey.

George Harvie, installed 2nd March 1555-6. He died in 1563.

Roger Alley, son of the bishop, was collated 13th Oct. in the same year, on the presentation of John Tusser, gent. He was deprived on account of his youth, being only 23 years of age.

  1. Before Weston, according to John Hoker, William Horsey was archdeacon of Cornwall and died in 1543-4.