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Nicholas Mauston, instituted 10th June 1574.

Thomas Somaster was presented by the crown 3rd Jan. 1570-1. Died in 1603.

William Huchenson, instituted 5th Sept. 1603, on the presentation of the Rev. Ralph Huchenson. Resigned. Buried in the cathedral 22nd July 1616.

Jasper Swift, collated 21st July 1616. He resigned this for the archdeaconry of Totnes, in Oct. of the same year.

William Parker, collated 8th Nov. 1616. Resigned.

Martin Mansogg or Nansogg, collated 27th Jan. 1628-9; but he was never installed.

William Parker was collated, it seems, again. He died in 1631.

Robert Peterson, installed 22nd July 1631. Died 27th and buried in the cathedral 29th July 1633, ætat. 39.

Robert Hall succeeded 30th July 1633, and installed 2ist Aug. following; on whose resignation,

George Hall was collated 7th Oct. 1641, and installed the next day.

Edward Cotton was collated 1st Aug. 1660[1], and installed 15th Sept.

Edward Drewe, succeeded 3rd Sept. 1672. Died 17th Dec. 1714, ætat. 70; buried in the cathedral 21st Dec.

Launcelot Blackburn, instituted 25th Jan. 1714-15: successively dean, and then bishop, of Exeter, and finally archbishop of York.

Charles Fleetwood, collated 7th Feb. 1731-2. Ob. 27th July 1737.

George Allanson, collated 14th Sept. 1737; on whose death,

John Sleech, collated 25th Aug. 1741. Died 1st Feb. 1788.

  1. His patent bears date 25th July 1660.