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Giles de Avenbury, 1271 80, He died or resigned 19th Sept. 1278. There was a suit respecting his will which was not settled in 1285.

John de Aqua-Blanca succeeded in 127881. He was abroad 7th Sept. 128582 and 12th Nov. 130783. He was appointed by Peter of Savoy his attorney 84. He held the dignity in Aug. 131285 and died 1320.

Stephen de Ledebury succeeded in 1320; enjoyed it in Dec. 1325; also in I34[ and 134886. He died in 1352.

Thomas Trillek was dean in 1352; in 1359 was made coadjutor to John Trillek, bishop of this see87. He was made dean of St. Paul's, London, in 1363.

William de Feriby, 28th July 136188.

William Bermingham succeeded in 1363; he enjoyed this dignity in 1366.89

John de Middleton succeeded dean Bermingham; he was deprived about 1380.

John Harold, installed about 1380. He died 19th Oct. 139390; buried in the cathedral.

John Prophet was installed 7th Nov. 1393, confirmed 16th May 139491, and in 1407 was removed to the deanery of York92.

Thomas Felde, LL.D., installed in 140793; held it in 141794. Thomas Felde's will is dated at Maydeston, die S. Jacobi apostoli (29th July) 1419, and was proved 26th Nov. 141995.

John Bagshaw held it in May 142296.

John Stanwey. He died possessed of it 9th Aug. 143497.

Henry Shelford was elected 20th Sept. and installed 26th Sept. 143498. He died in 1445 or 1446.

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