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DEANS. 477

John Berew was dean in 1446; he was at the enthronization of bishop Richard Beauchamp in 1448, and died 6th April 146299.

John ap Richard was elected 24th June 1462, and deprived two days afterwards 1

Richard Pede, LL.D., was installed 14th March 1462-32. He died in 1480.

Thomas Chandeler, S.T.P., was installed 23rd March 1481-2. He died 2nd Nov. 1490, and lies buried in the cathedral 3.

Oliver King, LL.D., was installed 23rd March 1490-91, and resigned it 27th June 1491. He was bishop of Exeter in 1493 4

John Hervey was installed about July 1491. His will was made loth April 1500, and proved 20th May 1501. He was buried in the cathedral 5

Reginald West was dean in 15016. Ob. 1512.

Thomas Wolsey held this dignity in 1512. He re signed it 3rd Dec. 1512.

Edmund Frowcester or Frowcetoure, S.T.P., was elected 21st Jan. and installed 27th Jan. 1512-13. He died 16th May 1529, and was buried in the cathedral 7.

Gamaliel Clifton, LL.D., was elected 5th July 1529, and installed 14th Aug. 1530. He died 29th April 1541 8. His will is dated on the day of his death.

Hugh Coren or Curwyn, LL.D., was installed ist June 1541 9. In 1555 he was made archbishop of Dublin, in Ireland 10 and twelve years after, viz. 1567, was translated to the bishopric of Oxford.

Edmund Daniel, A.M., was installed 31st July 155811, and deprived the year following 12. He died 30th Oct.1576, aetat. 57, and was buried in the English College chapel at Rome.

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