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John Ellis, A.M., was presented ist Jan. and in- stalled 1 8th Feb. 1559-60 1^ He resigned in 1576.

John Watkins, A.M., was nominated by the Queen 9th Jan, 1576-7, was installed 13th March 1576-7, re- signed in 1593, and died in May 15941"^. His will, dated 28th Aug, 1592, was proved 25th May 1594.

Charles Langfokd, A.M., was installed 5th April 1593 13. Buried in the cathedral 28th Oct. 1607.

Edward Doughtie, A.M., was installed 23rd Dec. 1607 '^. He died in 1616.

Richard Mountague, S.T.B., was installed 9th Dec. 16 1 6 15, and resigned the year followingi^.

SiLVANUs Griffiths, S.T.P., was installed i6th Sept. 161717. His will, dated in Nov. 1623, was proved in June 1624.

Daniel Price, S.T.P., was installed i6th Dec. 16231^. He died 23rd Sept. 1631.

John Richardson, S.T.P., was installed 27th Oct. 1631 19. His will, dated ist April 1636, was proved 25th May following.

Jonathan Brown, S.T.P., paid his first fruits 13th Jan. 1636-7. He died in Dec. 1643.

Herbert Croft, S.T.P., was installed 1644,

and in 1661 was made bishop of this see.

Thomas Hodges, S.T.P. , was installed 20th Sept. 1661, and died 22nd Aug. 1672, setat. 72,

��11 Rymer, vol.xv. p.563. Reg. the deanery of Hereford with Heref. Richard Mountague "per viam '2 Reg. Heref. Ath. Ox. vol. permutationis cum Olivero Lloyd, i. p. 731, 788. cessit decanatu prsedicto [Here- in Bishops' Certificates. ford] et factus est archidiaconus 1^ Reg. Heref. Hereford, etinstal. canon. [Wind- 's The King's letters patent sor.] 6 Sept. 1617." If this ordering his installation are dated statement be correct, Oliver Lloyd 1 8th Nov. ao. reg. 14". must have held the deanery but 16 There is some confusion a- a few days, and resigned it to bout thesuccessor of Mountague Griffiths,who thereupon resigned in thedeanery. Three MSS. notes the archdeaconry of Hereford to in earl Powis's copy state that Mountague. Oliver Lloyd, canon of Wind- 17 Reg. Heref. sor, exchanged the canonry for 18 Ibid. i** Ibid.

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