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DEANS. 479

George Benson, S,T.P.,was installed loth Sept. 1672. He died 24th Aug. 1692, aetat. 78, and was buried in the cathedral -o.

John Tylee, S.T.B., was installed 27th Sept. 1692^'; and 30th June 1706 was made bishop of Llandaft", with leave to hold this dignity in commendam.

Robert Clavering succeeded Dr. Tyler as dean of Hereford and bishop of Llandaff in 1706. He was translated to Peterborough.

John Harris succeeded in April 1729; made dean of Wells in 1 736.

Edward Cresset, nominated 25th Aug. 1 736^ vice Dr. John Harris, bishop of Llandaff, resigned ; pro- moted to the see of Llandaff.

Edmund Castle^ nominated 17th Feb. 1748-9, vice Edward Cresset resigned.

John Egerton, nominated 2nd July 1750, vice Ed- mund Castle deceased.

Francis Webber, nominated loth May 1756, vice Dr. John Egerton promoted to the see of Bangor.

Nathan Wetherall seems to have succeeded Webber.

William Leigh, nominated i6th Jan. 1808, vice Dr. Nathan Wetherall deceased.

George Grelton seemingly succeeded Leigh.

Robert James Carr, nominated 14th Aug. 1820, and installed on the 26tli of the same month, vice Grelton.

Edward Mellish, nominated 28th June 1827.

Hon. Edward Grey, nominated 10th Jan. 1831, vice Mellish.

John Merewether, nominated 15th May 1832, and installed i6th June following, vice Grey.

Richard Dawes, nominated 15th May 1850, and in- stalled 13th June following.

This deanery is rated for first fruits at 38?. 6s. ^d:^'^


Heinfridus held this dignity in 1109.

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