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Nicholas Smith occurs in 1561.

Thomas Bolt held it in 1571"-^.

Godfrey Goldsbouough held it in 1589.

Roger Dod, collated i6th Nov. 1598.

Valentine Carey paid his first fruits for it in Oct.

1606 : he was made dean of St. Paul's in 1613. Thomas Masters, S.T.B., paid his first fruits for it

14th May 1 614; he was present at a convocation in

1623. William Jeffery, S.T.P., collated loth Sept. 1628;

was likewise present at a convocation held in 1640.

He was ejected during the Usurpation. Robert Powell, instituted 1660. Ob. 1683. His will

is in the Prerogative Office, Canterbury ^^. Griffith Vaughan, A.M., collated i8th July 168 1.

Ob. circa Aug. 1726. Samuel Garret, collated 5th Oct. 1726 s^. John Holt, collated 19th July 1732^^. William Vyse, collated 13th March 1734-5^7. Qb.

29th June 1770. Egerton Leigh, collated 15th Aug. 1770^^. Ob. 17th

Sept. 1798. John Chappel Woodhouse, collated 17th Oct. 1798^^. Hugh Owen, collated 27th Dec. i82i9o. Ob. 23rd

Dec. 1827. Edward Bather, collated 28th Jan. iSaS^i. John Allen, collated 15th Dec. 1847^^.

This dignity is rated for first fruits at igl.^^.


G. was archdeacon about 1139 and 1140. Richard held the dignity about 1146^4, or he was perhaps archdeacon of Coventry.

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