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Nicholas West, LL.D., admitted in i486, enjoyed it in 1501, 1506 s and 1515, when made bishop of Ely.

John Taylor, 15 15.

Richard Street, held it in 1528.

David Pole, LL.D., collated 8tli Jan. 1542-3. He held it till he was made bishop of Peterborough.

John Ramridge, collated 23rd Nov. 1558, but deprived in the same year. He was also dean of Lichfield.

Lawrence Nowell succeeded in 1558. He died in

1576. Luke Gilpin, collated 29th July 1577 9. He held it in

1586. His will is dated 21st Sept. 1586. His widow

administered 27th Oct. 1587. Walter Marsh held it in 1588, and vacated it about

1590. John Walton, S.T.B., succeeded in 1590, and died

1st June 1603 10. Valentine Overton, collated 9th June 1603. Christopher Helme, collated 3rd March 1608-9 1';

paid his first fruits 7th April 1609. Samuel Clerk, S.T.P., was collated 4th Dec. 1617^2.

was member of two convocations held in 1623 ^"^

1640, William Higgins, S.T.P., held it in 1 641 . Reappointed

at the restoration. Thomas Brown, A.M., collated 23rd Aug. 1666 1^.

Was deprived in 1689. Francis Ashenhurst, A.M., collated 7th Aug. i689i-*.

Ob. 1704. Thomas Goodwyn, S.T.P., collated 14th Dec. 1704.

Ob. in 1719. Henry Rider, collated 24th Sept. 17191^. Sneyd Davies, collated 5th May 1755^*'. Ob. 15th

Feb. 1769. Henry Egerton, collated 23rd Feb. 176917.

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