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James Falconer, collated lotli Feb. 1795^^. Ob. 25tli

April 1809, setat. 71. Edmund Outram, collated 12th May 180919. Samuel Butler^ collated 24th Feb. 1821-. Promoted

to the bishopric of this see in 1 836. Francis Hodgson, collated 9th Sept. 1836-1. Walter Augustus Shirley, collated 30th Dec. 1840'^'^. Thomas Hill, nominated 4th Jan. 1847, ^^ce Shirley

promoted to the see of Sodor and Man. This dignity is rated for first fruits at %6l. 13s. 4^'^^.


Walter Durdent-^.


William de Villers^?.



N. held it in 1209.

Walter held it in 12 15.

Richard de Haugton held it about 1 230-30 and 1232,

William de Montepessulano, circa 1245.

Thomas de Wymundham enjoyed it in 1246, 1257, 1260, and 1275^^ He died ix Oal. April (24th March) 1277-8.

Adam de Stanford succeeded in 1278. Ob. 1278. His will was proved in July 1279.

John de Kernik succeeded in 1278, and died pos- sessed of it in April 12922-^.

��1*^ Bishops' Certificates. title, though they held the pre-

"* Ibid. 20 Ibid. bend which was afterwards at-

21 Ibid. 22 Ibid. tached to this dignity.

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2'! Mon. Angl. torn. iii. p. 223. 27 Ibid. torn. iii. p. 224.

25 Browne Willis and Le Neve 28 ibid. 29 ibid.

give the names of the first five in ^0 Dugdale's Warwickshire, p.

the text as precentors, but they 284. 2' Ibid.

do not seem to have had such a ^2 MS. Ashmole 794. f. 77.

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