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Adam de Waleton succeeded in 1292, held it in 1 298,

and died in August 1303-^'^. Thomas de Abberbury or Eadberbury, collated ist

Sept. 1303, by death of Adam de Waleton^^* Ob.

1307. Reymundus del Goud or de la Goth, a cardinal

deacon, held this dignity ; the order to induct him is

dated 5th July 1307. He was also dean of York and

Lincoln J^. Peter de Columna possessed it in 13 19. He was

displaced in Sept. 1332, but restored in the following

year, 3rd Feb.^^ John de Kirkeby held it 29th Sept. 1332^^. Michael de Northburgh was presented 29th March

1339. He resigned this dignity on being made arch- deacon of Chester in 1340. Thomas de Baddeby succeeded 10th June 1340. In

1378 he resigned. William de Newhagh succeeded in 1378. He be- came archdeacon of Chester. Robert de Wolveden admitted 13th July 1390, and

dean of this church in 142637. Robert Esple succeeded 8th Feb. 1426-7. Enjoyed

this dignity in 1428-^^. Made archdeacon of Coventry

in 1433. Thomas Barton admitted 13th May 1433, ^'^^^ Esple. Christopher Knott succeeded Barton. He resigned

it in 1442. Thomas Thowe or Towe, collated 14th Aug. 1442. William Vance succeeded in 1472. Robert Slimbridge held this office in 1488 and 1495. Richard Salter was admitted 14th Feb. 1504-5. He

died in 15 19.

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