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dated 20th Nov. 1305, and admitted in the February following[1]. He was in possession of the dignity 30th Nov. 1310[2], and also in 1313.

Gutterdus Labredus[3].

Simon Covenius or De Cominges: he died in 1323.

John de Britton or Bruiton was appointed by the King 19th April 1323[4], and admitted 2nd Aug. following[5]; but he was compelled to resign the office in favour of

Raymund, the Pope's nephew and a Roman cardinal, who had the Pope's mandate (dated 19th Nov. 1324) to be inducted[6].

Hugo de Engolisma held the office in 1327[7] and 1328[8].

Simon Montague seems to have been archdeacon in 1333, in which year he was made bishop of Worcester[9].

Robert Stratford, brother of John archbishop of Canterbury[10]. He was consecrated bishop of Chichester in 1338[11], and held the archdeaconry with his bishopric for some years.

Bernard Sistre archdeacon in 1339[12] and 1340[13].

Simon de Islip had this dignity conferred on him by the King 28th June 1343[14].

Peter Rogeru, a Roman cardinal; he held the dig-

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