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nity in 1346[1] and 1365. He was elected Pope in 1370[2], and took the name of Gregory XI. He had letters of protection 20th Nov. 1354[3].

William Indicis of Limosin, nephew of pope Clement VI; he held the office of archdeacon of Canterbury 1374. He died 27th April 1374[4].

Henry Wakefield, presented by the King, sede vacante, 6th June 1374[5], and admitted on the 11th of that month. He was made bishop of Worcester 1375.

Audomarus de la Roche[6] was constituted archdeacon of Canterbury by papal provision, but was dispossessed of the dignity 3rd June 1379[7].

William de Pakinton, prebendary of York and Lincoln, was appointed by the King 20th Sept. 1381[8]; admitted to the archdeaconry 7th Nov. following. He died 25th July 1390[9].

Thomas Butiller was appointed by the King arch-

  1. Henry Beaufort (afterwards cardinal) had a grant of the fruits of the archdeaconry of Canterbury, to him 29th Sept. 1348—the said archdeaconry being in the hands of an alien. Pat. 22 Edw.III. King Edward desired the archbishop of Canterbury in the year 1365 to state who was then archdeacon of Canterbury, and also who held the office in the year 1346; and the archbishop returned for answer, "Quod Petrus Rogerii diaconus cardinalis fuerat archidiaconus Cantuariensis anno xxo. et credimus quod prædictus cardinalis eciam jam in presenti est superstes et archidiaconus Cantuariensis, quia de alio non audivimus aut sumus aliqualiter informati: set quo die installatus in archidiaconatu prædicto ignoramus." Rot. Memorand. Mich. 39 Edw. III. m. 19.
  2. Le Neve places the name of John Barnet after Peter Rogerii, and says, that he held the office in 1361. Now John Barnet was archdeacon of London, and as such made bishop of Worcester in 1362; and the certificate mentioned in note (48) expressly states that Peter Rogerii was archdeacon of Canterbury in 1365.
  3. Petrus Rogeri Sanctæ Mariæ novæ diaconus cardinalis ac archidiaconus Cantuariæ qui in partibus transmarinis moratur habet litteras de gen. attornat. etc. 20th Nov. Pat. 28 Edw. III.
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